Cost: $350

Includes Consultation, Custom Moodboard, Custom Source List, & Custom Floor Plan.

Upon expressing interest in a Custom Design Plan, you will receive a Client Questionnaire via email.  This helps me find out more about your design goals and personal style. You may complete the questionnaire immediately and email it back to me, or we can go through it together during your in-home consultation.

Services officially begin with a one-hour consultation.  This is when I get to meet your home. You’ll introduce me to the room awaiting redesign and tell me about its flaws as well as its charms. We’ll discuss how the space is currently used and what changes you would like to make.  We will inventory your current furnishings, and discuss which ones you would like to keep as part of the redesign.  We can definitely use items you already own in a fresh way!

We will discuss your budget so that when I create a design plan for you, costs can be taken into account appropriately. I want the updated space to better meet your needs, both functionally and aesthetically, yet also remain within your budget.  A home can be updated on a tight budget via repainting, rearranging, reorganizing, editing and updating possessions. Let me apply my creativity and help you plan how to make the most of what you already own to refresh your space!

During the consultation, let me know your style likes and dislikes, and I will take careful notes! If you have images of spaces you’ve seen and loved (Pinterest boards, tear sheets, etc.), show me. That will help me better understand your style.

I will measure and photograph the room at this time and document any important architectural details to be taken into consideration.  (If this is a long-distance consultation, you will need to email me measurements and photographs of your room. We can do your consultation via email.)

Within four weeks of seeing your space and ascertaining the design objectives, I will carefully create a custom design plan for you, catered to your individual style and needs. You will receive a moodboard picturing furniture, window treatments, rugs, paint colors, fabric swatches, flooring materials, light fixtures, accessories, etc.  You will be given a source list showing where each item can be purchased. You will also receive a floor plan, drawn to scale, showing an optimal arrangement of furnishings within the room.

This is where my services end.  It is then up to you to follow through with the design plan. It is also up to you at what speed you implement any design changes. The beauty of this is that you can either order everything you see on the design plan at once (instant makeover!), or you can make changes little by little, spreading out the costs of the new design.


Cost: $60

Includes Consultation Only.

A design consultation is the perfect solution if you're looking for decorating advice or home-staging advice.  It is an affordable way to get new ideas for rooms you'd like to refresh.  You can ask questions regarding color choices, furniture arrangements, window treatments, artwork placement, and general design dilemmas.  If you're trying to sell your home, I can give you specific tips for how to make the space looks its best for showings. 

I am not able to help you move furniture or hang curtains or artwork, but I will write down suggestions and leave them with you so that you have a guide as you implement ideas. 

Note that this option is a 90-minute consultation only.  It does not include a moodboard, source list, or floor plan.