Betsy Cain


Certificate in Residential Interior Décor from the Illinois Institute of Art (2008)

Welcome!  Beautiful design is a passion for me. Especially when it comes to residential design. From the older house my husband and I are currently renovating to the many homes I have helped clients beautify, I cannot help but reimagine spaces. I love designing, decorating, & remaking that which is in need of refreshment.

I believe a home ought to reflect its inhabitants, their lifestyle, and their loves. A home should be comfortable, enjoyable, functional, and lovely. If it can be kept organized, all the better! It is the backdrop for everyday life, a place we will spend many moments, creating many memories.

The name "Canvas & Light Interiors" was inspired by my love for beautiful lighting as well as the fact that interior design reminds me of creating paintings on a canvas.  I am gathering colors and patterns and putting them together with careful composition and attention to detail.  I highlight natural light and beautiful architecture, and design creatively to compensate for what a space lacks.  

Interior Design Consulting is a part-time creative endeavor for me right now.  I am wife to Matt and mother to four little ones. In addition to adoring my family, I enjoy photography, gardening, traveling, music, cooking, outdoor adventuring, reading, writing, working with kids, and all things design-related.

I graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois in 2002 with a B.A. in Elementary Education. I double-minored in Spiritual Formation & Ministry and English Literature. I loved what I studied, but in the meantime, I have always been an artist, and my need to design and create has daily been a part of my life. As a Christian, I view God as the ultimate Artist, and I long to bring him glory with the gifts he has given me. It is in him that I find purpose in life.

Being a teacher gave me lots of opportunities to apply my creativity to the classroom, no matter what subject I was teaching. When I taught overseas for two years, I got to experience and absorb the beautiful and fascinating culture of Indonesia, as well as give art lessons, one-room schoolhouse style. The year before my first son was born, I taught Art to kindergarten through 8th grade students, as well as compiled and created an elementary art curriculum for the school.

In 2008, I enrolled in an eleven-week course (88 contact hours) at the Illinois Institute of Art and earned a Certificate in Residential Interior Decor. I loved every aspect of it, from the architectural drawing to the fabric swatch-selecting to the studying of design history. My participation in the course, as well as the encouragement of my instructor, affirmed my desire to pursue interior design in a fuller capacity.

I've been designing for clients since 2012, and it is one of life's greatest joys for me.  I look forward to assisting you in coming up with a plan to beautify your living spaces and make them function according to your lifestyle and goals!