Blue Ridge Mountain Vacation Rental

Here in the High Country of North Carolina, vacation rentals do quite well.  Whether tourists are coming to the mountains to enjoy the cooler summer temperatures, the myriad hiking trails, the fall foliage, the ski slopes, or Appalachian State football games, this area is a beautiful destination with much to do and see. 

As a designer, I’d love to design and decorate a vacation rental.  For a while now, I’ve had ideas swirling around in my head for a Scandinavian-inspired vacation rental. 

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20 Beautiful Finds for a Calm + Airy Apartment

Whether you’ve just graduated and are putting together your first apartment (congratulations!) or you already have a place and are looking to add a few new pieces, I’ve put together a round-up of finds that would go beautifully together to create a calm and airy living space.  Many are from the T. J. Maxx website, and they won’t last long, so if you find a bargain you like, go for it!  I don’t make any commission on these links, nor have I seen them in person — they are just fun online finds I wanted to share! 

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If I Were to Design a Bed & Breakfast

I have always dreamed of designing a Bed & Breakfast.  I love the concept of them! 

When I design spaces, I always begin by imagining people using them.  It helps me rule out certain ideas while moving forward with others.  What atmosphere and lighting do I want to create for a group of friends and family gathered around a table?  Is there a cozy nook for someone to curl up in with a book?  What type of kitchen would be the most functional and beautiful workspace for the people using it?  So when I imagine designing a Bed & Breakfast, I do so with the guests in mind, trying to picture the sort of space I can see them enjoying.

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Winter 2019 Target Favorites

Thought it’d be fun to share some Target pieces I’m currently loving! Links are below. I haven’t seen all of these in person, nor would they all necessarily work together in the same room, but if you’re looking for new furniture or accessories, perhaps something here will spark your interest. I don’t receive any commission for sharing these — just wanted to curate some favorites after visiting Target this past weekend!

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Ski Cabin Makeover

I often browse real estate listings.  I am constantly on the lookout for a bigger house for our family, but I also love perusing anything related to architecture and design.  Recently, I came across this great log cabin on Rambling Road in Blowing Rock, NC, near the local ski slopes (Appalachian Ski Mountain).  I loved its charm and natural light!  The views out the windows are so peaceful.  I thought it’d be fun to do a blog post where I share how I’d makeover a space that’s for sale!  It will give you a chance to see the potential I see in a property. And if you’re the buyer for this home and interested in my help as you design the home, contact me here!

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